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Lets Have a Break!


Today was the day-off at the tournament. We had number of free day activities but first, we want to inform you about Akhisar, hosting city. After this, you can learn what did players do in this special day.


Akhisar is a rich west Anatolian town with historical and cultural values from the past, and with natural beauty of the agricultural and industrial. The two-thirds of Olive agricultural cultivation of olive in Turkey is produced in the fertile land of Akhisar. Today Akhisar is an industrial town although it has been known as an agricultural place for years. Especially, the food, textiles and ceramics world-famous firms provide mobility to the economy of Akhisar. 



The history of Akhisar being home to the important civilizations dates back 9000 years throughout history. In ancient time, Akhisar belonging to the highest civilization of Lydians was one of the centers where the money first used. Akhisar has a lot of ruins belonging to ancient town Thyateira and belonging to the Saruhanogulları and Ottoman period. Today, in the center of Akhisar still we can see the remains of the ancient city, Thyateira. Ulu Mosque is among the other important works belonging to a pagan temple and became one of the seven sacred churces during Roman times converted into a mosque during Saruhanogulları period, and named Ulu Mosque still in use. (Resource: Akhisar Municipality)











After giving information about this beautiful city, its time to talk about our free day activities! At the beginning, players planted their own olive trees in a special area just reserved for them. In order not to forget their trees, they also put signboards including their names on them. This activity followed by picking up olives from a special olive garden and experiencing how do these olives being converted to olive oil. Of course, all that intense olive process was rewarded with perfect breakfast which was full of high-quality olives, olive oils, and cheese













Visiting historical places came next at the afternoon. Ulu Mosque and Thyateira (at the top we mentioned) were seen and at the end players were taken to a restaurant which is very famous with its meatballs all over Turkey.




















Finally, “performance night” was held by organization team. At this special night show, players found out chance to watch folkloric dances and songs. After this, it was time for countries to show their effort! England, Sri Lanka, Greece and Turkey demonstrated perfect shows to us and made everyone relax…
































We hope everyone took a rest and got away from the pressure of tournament today. Tomorrow 7th round is going to start at 4 pm.

 Turkish Chess Federation 2009